Farewell Summer


Please check out photographer Shelby Gould’s original post of this content here!

I saw Blue Velvet Vintage post an image of this 1950’s swimsuit and knew it had to be mine! I was supposed to be at a movie in an hour but I rushed over to try it on before someone else got the same idea. When I first saw it on the hanger I thought there was NO possible way it would fit but I was going to will it into submission. I held my breath as I tried to slip it on over my derrière. The ruched elastic bodice turned out to be much more forgiving than I thought. It certainly keeps all the curves locked and loaded in tight though!


This was my first shoot to do with my Mr. besides our wedding photos and when I was in art school and made him model for just about everything. He was a good sport about it, even though I’m pretty sure he abhors these shorty peach shorts I made him wear.


I can’t wait to sport this suit in Vegas this year with the custom Texas themed hair flower Cliptacular Creations made for me (more to come on that later!).



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