Women Crushing It | Shelby Gould

I created this blog, maintain a (sort of thoughtfully) curated IG account and work with other creatives for two reasons:
1. For me, it’s (hold on, it’s going to be cliché) a creative outlet. I am a graphic designer. I work on a computer all day. It feels good to create something off screen more connected with my body. Whether it’s with makeup, fashion, modeling or art. It took a lot of time (and therapy lol) for me to feel worthy of allowing myself to be seen. I’m not trying to be a professional influencer or model. I’m just trying to be myself and am sharing that.
2. More importantly, the “community”. These platforms have allowed me the opportunity to connect with women who share the same interests as me, who share the same values as me, who kindle my fire, inspire me, and who I can learn from.

I want to dedicate some space on this blog to talking about badass women in the scene who inspire me.

Speaking of fire, I can’t think of a more accurate way to describe Shelby and it’s not just because of her fiery locks. This girl’s hustle and ambition are ON FIRE. Her career trajectory, passion for travel, success, love & family… straight fire y’all. She’s so much fun and somehow knows everyone (I think she could talk shop and charm a rattle snake if she wanted to). But don’t let the fun fool you, she’s going places (literally and figuratively) and she DON’T PLAY, so triflers need not apply.


Treat yourself to a visit to her website & blog. Her work is beautiful. She is multidisciplinary photographer, capturing everything from products to engagements. Fashion photography is probably what is going to make her famous though (time stamping here that I knew her first).

Here’s some pics of work we did together at a industrial welding shop in April. Read her blog post about it here. This shoot was so much fun. Shelby has a really clear vision of what she wants and knows how to bring it to fruition. I think we were both feeling bubbly with pride executing this concept since both of our dads are welders.



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